Argentina / Rehovot — Israel

About the Artist

Miri is a professional painting artist since 2016, prior to that she worked as a process engineer at Intel for 27 years. Miri is primarily a self-taught artist, but initially, she took a drawing class in the house of artists in Tel Aviv, followed by several oil painting workshops.
Miri has participated in 2 solo exhibitions, several group exhibitions in Israel, in New York, and in Italy. She plans to exhibit in Madrid on Dec 2022.

Miri was featured in the special edition of the Gold list top contemporary artists of today published by the Art Market Magazine, and was awarded the Gold List international award, a certificate of excellence for unique artistic style and high-technique achievements in the contemporary art world (2022) .
Miri was rewarded with the Special Mention Award in the 2022 Art Vue Foundations’ yearly price competition.

Miri was featured in the Capsules Book, a premium boutique publication based in Melbourne, Australia, named: Curatorial Volume.3, Leaders in Contemporary Art, 2021.

Miri is an intuitive abstract painter who expresses her emotions through painting. At first, the shapes seem random, but layer by layer they start to connect and make sense. The outcome is a romantic dance of colors and shapes.

When Miri works on a figurative painting she incorporates abstract elements into the painting. Sometimes the abstract parts are minimal, and sometimes they are more pronounced, depending on the specific piece she is working on

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